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Feedbacks zu einem Sprachkurs mit Trainer Eric Weiss

The course was an excellent opportunity to practice my English skills in a very pleasant atmosphere. I was able to expand my vocabulary and improve my communication skills while participating in active discussions. Our lecturer corrected our errors tactfully and all of the participants were encouraged to participate. The course was successful due to the mix of media and exercises.

It is essential to keep my English up to date for any English lectures and visits to conferences. I would be very pleased if this course continued.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Müller
Studiengangsleiter Angewandte Informatik



What I liked about the class was the teaching material and the sense of humor. The topics were very interesting and we always enjoyed ourselves in the group. Having fun is a very good way of learning English. There were enough occasions for group discussions and it was great to see that our language skills were getting better from week to week. The class helped me to get much more fluent and made me realize that my English is not that bad after all those years.

Thank you for the great class.

Mechthild Althoff 
Sekretariat International Business



I decided to join the workshop because the course description fit my skill level and goals. I had good knowledge of English from school but I was a little rusty.  The course had pleasant atmosphere and I enjoyed working with colleagues that shared the same interests and weaknesses in the English language.

The instructor was very prepared, open-minded and offered us an interesting mix of discussion topics.  In addition to the language work, we also discussed cultural differences, which was very interesting.

On the whole, I enjoyed the course and I can recommend it. I would like to participate again some time.

Prof. Dr. Walter Berthold
Professor für Lehraufgaben Elektrotechnik



I enjoyed the class very much. The instructor was great and very committed. We analyzed videos and read newspaper articles about current events and discussed them. We also learned a lot about psychological issues like how to start a message with "why" in order to make it interesting and successful. We also learned the importance of nonverbal behavior, gestures and attitudes while interacting with other people. Nobody was too shy to speak and everybody had the opportunity to practice his/her English.

Stefanie Koslowski
Akademische Mitarbeiterin Wirtschaftsinformatik



It was a great pleasure to attend your English workshop. The instructor was always prepared and offered us many interesting views and topics to talk about and discuss. He used understandable language as well as up-to-date media to keep us involved.

I hope that this course will start again in the future. 

Helga Seyfert
Sekretariat Messe-, Kongress- & Eventmanagement